“To Gary and Sharon – the most professional law office in CT.”
T & R (Norwalk)
“Dear Sharon, Thank you for all your hard work in finalizing our divorce. You made what we felt was taking too long a swift and smooth process.”
J. E. Stamford
“Good Evening Gary and Pat, I thank you both with all of my heart for your help, your dedication and your belief in me. This has been a VERY difficult time and I hope and pray that things truly get better. I know that this has been a difficult case and that you both stood by me and were determined to see it through to the end and I thank you.”
C. D. Wilton
“Sharon, [my husband] is happy, we are happy and truly things have never been better.
Its a whole new life so far and we are both excited. I don’t think we could have gotten to where we are without your help… so thank you!”
K.S. Woodbridge
“Dear Gary,
I want to express my gratitude for your time and great help today, you have provided to me and my ex. The agreement, I hope represents the beginning of a long and peaceful relationship with my ex. . .I am very pleased with your service and your way of doing business.Thank you again! I will not hesitate to refer you.”
V.V., Stamford
“Dear Attorney Oberst,
I can’t thank you enough for all your expertise and kindness.
With appreciation and admiration,”
B.P., Norwalk
“I would love to make a time that you and I could get together just the two of us to celebrate the hard efforts you put in for my case, and the benefits reaped from such a successful settlement, without having to go to trial. I would like to do something special for you, since you were the primary person who fortunately/unfortunately had to sometimes listen to me at times ad nauseum about my plight from this accident.
Sincerely, ”
D.S., Westport
“Thank you for the invaluable information.
Really appreciate everything,”
C.P., Greenwich
First and foremost I very much appreciate your efforts on my behalf. I do not believe I would have been as successful without you. I thank you for your hard work and although I hope I do not need to call you again (for a divorce) I would not think about calling anyone else.”
M.A., Trumbull
“Gary, Pat, Sharon,
You have a very professional office.”
T.&R., Norwalk
It was my pleasure to pass along your name and will continue to do so if any friends need an attorney. . . [My Friend] felt so comfortable at her meeting with you and your dad and really felt strongly that it was not the typical lawyer wanting a fight situation. She was so comforted after meeting with you guys and it’s exactly what she needs right now. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this goes smoothly on all ends.
J.H., Norwalk
“Sharon recognizes that in a small firm,as is her Oberst Law, it is of utmost importance to put the client FIRST, as there is no hiding out in a small company. More than once she has put my needs first; rushing to meet deadlines on a surprise urgent matter, following up the nuances outside office hours, being available even at inconvenient times – all to ensure effective service in the complexities of the legal environment. It’s so refreshing to actually receive the service you feel you are paying for, for less.”
R.B. Norwalk, CT


People seek divorce for many distinct reasons (such as problems with money, fidelity, trust, personal interests), but mostly for one common reason – to get out of an unhappy situation and into a better one.