We’re a small firm of dedicated attorneys with diverse backgrounds. We accept new clients based on our mutual intention to maintain long-term, growing relationships. We can explain, solve, prevent, negotiate, mediate or litigate almost any legal problem directly or through professional contacts and associations.

Our goal is to build relationships based on each client’s objectives and personality. Oberst Law clients are individuals, families, associations, and businesses who come to us for one legal question and stay with us for all of their legal and business decisions. It’s our job to help clients see the big picture, anticipate legal ramifications, and work towards their goals.

  • Divorce

    Divorce? Start here.

    Everything you need to make the entire process as smooth and civil as possible.

  • Matters

    Protect What Matters.

    Practical tips for protecting what’s important in your life.

  • Incorporate

    Incorporate? We can help.

    We have experience with every conceivable type of incorporation.

  • Accident

    Power of the pen.

    Never sign a thing without contacting an attorney first.