Personal Injury

Our attorneys work directly with injured parties on an ongoing basis to help evaluate the healing process, and use this information to provide reasonable ongoing guidance regarding bodily injury, property damage, insurance claims and coverage.  We work directly with medical providers and insurance companies to provide our clients with the protections of full-service legal representation.

As an accident victim, you may already be frustrated trying to represent your own interests to insurance companies.   In addition to your physical and emotional recovery, you are faced with important decisions about finances and legal settlements. For many, these “administrative” issues become the focus; leaving health and recovery take a backseat.

While insurance companies may have a lot of power, money, and influence, most insurance compa¬nies try to be fair in settling ordinary cases.  They do try to com¬pensate people who have been legitimately injured as a result of the negligence of some¬one else.  It is important for you to have a positive attitude throughout your case.  This requires making an active effort to recover from your injuries.  Cooperate with your lawyer.  Be honest about your case with everyone involved.

Call before you sign!®:  Your mounting medical costs and missed time from work could tempt you to take the first settlement offered by the insurance company. Often, this is far less than you deserve.  Unless you have expert advice about your circumstances, you risk making a costly mistake. We will evaluate your case and determine what is fair, taking into consideration current valuations and trends for similar Connecticut cases, enabling us to advise you as to whether an insurance company is treating you fairly. If you are about to sign a waiver or any other document with an insurance company, you should contact us first.

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