Estate Planning & Administration

All adults, especially those with children, property or other assets should have a Will.  Even if you have a Will in place, it is important to re-evaluate your estate plan periodically.  Circumstances may have changed since you signed your Will.  It is a good idea to have your attorney review your entire estate plan periodically and be certain that it still reflects your wishes.  Consider these questions: have any children been born in your family in the past year?  Have any relatives or named parties moved, married, changed their names, or passed away?  Have you purchased or sold any Real Estate?  Have any of your named beneficiaries reached the age of majority, so that a Trust Fund is no longer required?

If you are ready to get your estate in order, Gary Oberst can help. Gary has 25 years of experience helping individuals throughout the state create an organized and sensible estate plan, and also helping families with estate administration for the estates of loved ones. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call 203.866.4646 or email: Gary@OberstLaw.Com.



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